My artwork is sometimes critical of society, yet always celebrates the miracle, the beauty, the absurdity, of our world and the people in it. I show the world as it is, if only we would slow down and look for ourselves.

All my images are cooked in a computer; some for a couple of minutes only, while others marinade for weeks. Either way, the result is true to what I saw through the lens. Although you of course would have seen something different. Art for me is not re-presentation of a scene, but creation of something new, with a part of me baked in.

My Journey

According to Mrs Walsh my high school art teacher, I am utterly lacking in artistic ability.

For years I believed her. And then I discovered Photoshop (clunky version 5 for those old enough to remember!) This was the passkey to a world I had always assumed closed to nerds like me. Stepping nervously through the creative doorway, hoping Mrs Walsh wasn’t waiting on the other side, I began to learn to play with light. Made a few images, even won a few amateur awards.

80-hour weeks as a surgeon, rewarding in so many ways, left little time for deeper exploration.

But I’ve woken up and remembered how important this is to me.

I’m back, and I have something to show Mrs Walsh.

Gold (Open Prints), plus H S James Landscape Award

Gold Awards

Web Development and Coding